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Amazon Workspaces copy / paste does not work


Amazon Workspaces copy / paste does not work. I've updated the client a number of times and the copy paste function use to work and now it does not. I've repaired/uninstalled/re-installed, tried GPEdit.msc and I cannot get it to work. Can anyone help with this?

I'm on Windows 10 using the Amazon Workspace client, unable to copy from my computer to the remote computer (but can the other way around).


asked 5 years ago2314 views
6 Answers

Can you post both the client logs and the server side logs?

The client side logs should be in something like %localappdata%\Amazon Web Services\Amazon Workspaces\1.0\Logs\TRANSMITTED

On the workstation side they'd be on %ProgramData%\Teradici\Logs**\ , looking for the most recent file with the pattern "*pcoip_server-

Your username and registration code will be in these logs somewhere. It's not a problem to let people see them, but if you want to scrub them from the logs before you post them here, that's fine too.

What exactly are the GPO settings on the server side? It would be useful to confirm those values here as well.

answered 5 years ago

I just started experiencing this too. Copying from inside the WorkSpaces client and then pasting outside to the host computer is seamless. However copying from the host computer and then pasting inside WorkSpaces will not immediately work. The clipboard on the WorkSpace needs some time to grab what's on the clipboard from the host computer.

answered 5 years ago

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys. I'm not receiving an email when a response is left.

That was the trick. I had to wait about a minute for the data to become available in Workspaces and then the paste will work. In previous versions, I could copy/paste instantly. Waiting about a minute is sometimes painful. Is there any way this can be accelerated?

answered 5 years ago

Can you post an example of the spreadsheet you are manipulating? You can send it to me privately if you wish, just send me a private message to coordinate.

answered 5 years ago


Do we have a solution for this?

I still can't copy and paste between my host MacBook and Amazon Workspace.


answered 4 years ago

The problems of delays you experience when you try to copy from the host to AWS Workspace could be due to the large distance between your location and WS Region.

answered 4 months ago

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