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/How to upgrade Mac OS version on mac1.metal instance?/

How to upgrade Mac OS version on mac1.metal instance?



We have a mac1.metal instance working for deployment and it was created a few years ago with Catalina AMI (amzn-ec2-macos-10.15.7-20201204-234310). We use this instance to build iOS/Android Apps successfully until Apple changed the minimum SDK for a build to iOS 15 that requires Xcode 13 so we need to upgrade the OS to the last version.

I made a snapshot of the current instance and then I tried to upgrade it but when the machine restarted I got stuck there because I think it requires physical access to confirm the OS installation so I rollbacked the instance with the snapshot I previously created.

It is possible to upgrade the instance without losing any data/configuration? I searched on the AWS documentation but I didn't see how to upgrade the OS.

Thank you!

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These steps should help update the OS, but most use our vended AMIs for the new OS for IaC and automation purposes.

answered 25 days ago
  • Hello SeanM! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I see that on the documentation and I tried to update following the steps to list the available updates but I only have update for Xcode 12 and macOS Catalina.

    • Label: Command Line Tools for Xcode-12.4 Title: Command Line Tools for Xcode, Version: 12.4, Size: 440392K, Recommended: YES,
    • Label: Safari15.5CatalinaAuto-15.5 Title: Safari, Version: 15.5, Size: 92202K, Recommended: YES,
    • Label: macOS Catalina Security Update 2022-004-10.15.7 Title: macOS Catalina Security Update 2022-004, Version: 10.15.7, Size: 2033153K, Recommended: YES, Action: restart,

    So when I tried to update the os to BigSur I did it using Screen sharing and the Store but when I did this I got stuck and the machine didn't start so I rollback to the snapshot. Searching a little bit more I found on one site they said "Do not upgrade a computer unless you have physical access to it. Attempting to upgrade a computer remotely will drop the remote connection leaving the computer stuck waiting for local user input."

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