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Lifetime of tasks created by StartSpeechSynthesisTask


I just began testing with the StartSpeechSynthesisTask api, and I noticed that every task I started is displayed in the list returned by ListSpeechSynthesisTasks.

Am I supposed to delete the tasks when they are no longer needed, and if so how? I am deleting the audio files written to S3, but I don't know how to manage the tasks.


asked 2 years ago13 views
2 Answers

Hi James,

Thank you for reaching out. You do not have to delete any request after they are processed, since this is expected API behaviour. ListSpeechSynthesisTasks api returns all requests if status is not set through call. You can set Status=inProgress or Status=scheduled in order to see the ones not processed yet. Optionally you can set MaxResults which will be listing most recent requests.

You can see more details related to this api here:


answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the help Fatih

answered 2 years ago

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