Migrating from on-prem to AWS - NAS and SAN


A customer is migrating from on-prem to AWS, for this migration one of the requirement is to use 750 GB NAS and 128GB SAN storage. Cx need to build 4 or 5 ec2 instances behind a ELB along with the storage. From AWS point of view what storage can we can suggest to Cx? How cx need to configure NAS and SAN.

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Depending on their application, the most cost-effective and resilient storage is to use S3 - though this is not a simple switch since the interface is different to that used by most SAN and NAS products.If they require the storage for running applications for which we have managed services for (e.g. RDS) they may not need any storage (or compute) and instead use those services.

SAN maps to EBS - they can create EBS volumes and attach to EC2 instances similar to using SAN (but without the management headache of the SAN).

NAS would map to a number of different storage services - depending on the protocols the customer use to connect to NAS. They could use EFS for NFS shares, FSx for Windows for Windows SMB shares, File Gateway for storing data on S3 with an SMB of NFS shares.

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