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/Amazon SES Templates listing throwing errors/

Amazon SES Templates listing throwing errors


First of all, apologies if this does not fit the realm of the questions we ought to ask or if I should've searched a bit more. I am getting an error when listing my Email Templates in AWS SES. Not only in the AWS dashboard but, as I'm running a periodic task querying the API for that list, it gets the same error. Is this something that could be happening to everyone thus being an issue AWS ought to sort out or is this something that might actually be related to my account only and should be taken directly to support?

The error message comes in a red flag at the top of the screen saying:

"x The input you provided is invalid

Invalid PageToken <the token>"

Thanks in advance.

  • To add more information...

    The issue does seem related to us-east-1. We have received "Invalid PageToken" using AWS-CLI, AWS-SDK and in the AWS console. Cloudtrail is showing us the InvalidParameterValueException is thrown during ListTemplates which does make some sense. We do have many ThrottlingException from SES throughout the day from automated template updates, but it's not the same IAM user and doesn't line up at the same time with the "Invalid PageToken" errors.

1 Answers

Issue related to us-east-1 region, everything works fine in us-west-2

answered a month ago

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