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AWS Organization all resources access using Python SDK


I have an AWS Organization account and need to have access to all the accounts' resources like S3,RDS,EC2 in AWS Organization so that I can access it using the access key and secret key of the Master Account using BOTO3 SDK. Please guide me how can i achieve it.

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This is not how AWS works, you can use the AWS Organization to provision AWS IAM roles in each AWS Account (ex have a look at AWS SSO or Cloudformaiton StackSets). Then you can assume every individual role with boto3 and describe the resources you need.

It sounds like you need some help with cloud governance because this is deep rabbit hole your going down, so you should have a look at a tool like CloudCheckr or similar. Or find a consulting partner.

Hope it helps!


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answered 22 days ago
  • I see, so you are saying using single credential of the Master/Root account I cannot have access to the accounts in AWS organizational units?

  • Exactly. You need to login into every individual account.

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