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/Making backups and off-boarding of EC2 instances and a RDS/

Making backups and off-boarding of EC2 instances and a RDS


Hi all, my company has been running a single page questionnaire/registering website for one of our services. For this, AWS was chosen to host the website and database.

All good so far anyway, it's been working absolutely fantastic! Now, a time has come up where the questionnaire isn't very relevant anymore and we would like to make a backup of all database information, and the website runs on the ec2 instances. I am pretty new to AWS as, unfortunately, a previous person in my position set this up who had better understanding of this platform.

The interface to AWS can be a bit confusing to me as a beginner, I really just need to make backups and turn off the instances so costs can be reduced but do not know where to go and what to do. Any help available?

2 Answers

Since you did not specify what database engine it is, I will hazard a guess and assume its either MySql or PostgreSQL, For Mysql all you need to do is take a backup using mysqldump and then copy it to S3 or download it onto your corporate network for long term storage.

Similarly for PostgreSQL, you can use pgdump

and if you search online, you will find multiple examples of how to use both of these utilities. If your database in neither MySql nor PG, please update your DB engine and similar steps can be made suggested for that db engine.

answered a month ago

If I understand correctly you are referring to stopping db instance with instance backup for added safety.

you can refer to

Another good website is but the feature not limited to sql server instances.

answered a month ago

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