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Which application types can use SQL Server Web Edition on RDS?


When choosing to use SQL Server Web Edition on RDS what are the licencing considerations? Having tried to decipher both Microsoft's and AWS Licence information it's still not clear.

We're looking to transition our self hosted SQL Server instance to RDS, the Database Server is used for a multi-tenanted SaaS offering.

1 Answer

Thank you for the licensing question, reviewing the specific considerations listed on page, which states

What are the use cases for SQL Server Web Edition?

The Service Provider Use Rights (SPUR) state that SQL Server Web may be used to support public and Internet accessible web pages, web sites, web applications and web services. SQL Server Web may not be used to support line of business applications (e.g., Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management and other similar applications). For addition information on use cases for SQL Server Web, please consult Microsoft or your Microsoft reseller.

answered 5 months ago

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