AWS IoT - No Lifecycle events - Fleet Indexing shows all devices disconnected


I have enabled fleet indexing with "thing connectivity", however when I run a search on things using "search-index" all things come back as not connected.

I can see on the AWS IoT Monitor Dashboard, using the "Metric type rate(%)" Pie Chart, that there are definitely "Connect" and "Ping" metrics.

I have turned on debug logging in IoT and can search for logs in cloudwatch, but there are no lifecycle events showing.

Any suggestions for how to debug this further?

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Ok so yea - this seems to be answered by the other post linked in the comment below.

"If your client is using a different client ID from Thing Name when connecting to AWS IoT, the connectivity status of your "thing" will not be indexed by Fleet Indexing"

It seems though that there is some delay between connects and the thing connectivity state updating as per

answered 2 years ago
  • ok, I just tried this and still getting 0 connect life cycle events, and fleet indexing says it's disconnected

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