How do I successfully "Sign up for AWS GovCloud (US)"


When I click on the "Sign up for AWS GovCloud (US)", I see questions for part of a second and then get the following message: Access to the AWS GovCloud (US) region has been denied because you did not meet one or more of the prerequisites. Please contact AWS Customer Support if you believe you received this message in error. I have tried with 3 different accounts and they all give the same error.

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2 Answers

In order to obtain an AWS GovCloud (US) account, the account owner must first have an associated standard AWS account for billing and support purposes. The sign-up process also requires acceptance of the AWS GovCloud (US) Addendum to the Amazon Web Services Customer Agreement.

Also, check out the pre-requisites using the link below and check if you meet all of them.

Link- -- [1]

If still unable to do anything, please open a case with AWS Support & they should be able to check in to the same.

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answered 3 months ago

I checked to make sure that the accounts have the required items in the list, but don't even get to the page to accept the addendum. It flashes on the screen and then moves to the error message.

answered 3 months ago

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