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I have a Multi-AZ DB cluster stuck in 'rebooting' mode since yesterday and I cannot connect to the instance. Can somebody give some pointers on what to do next? I have all ready initiated a point in time restore but that is currently still in 'creating' mode for the past 11 hours. How long usually does a point in time restore for around 120gb worth of data in a database take? Is there anything I can do to the original database in the meantime to halt the rebooting process or even stop it so our employees can connect to it? We are a company which relies heavily on this database and currently some of our developers can't work because of this issue. We also have automated reports which go out to company directors tomorrow which rely on the database so any help would be grateful to speed up this issue. Thanks

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Hi, I believe rebooting cluster typically takes 5-15 minutes to complete the process, so it's unusual for it to be stuck for over a day. For a point-in-time restore of 120GB of data, it can sometimes take 10-12 hours depending on the IOPS capacity and network performance. 11 hours doesn't seem unusually long. To halt the reboot, you may need to contact AWS Support. A case engineer can potentially stop or reboot the cluster for you if it's unresponsive.

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