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Hi, When IVS channel of Basic type is created, the processing happens without transcoding. The input feed is transmuxed and single bitrate HLS stream is generated as output. If we want multibitrate HLS output, can we ingest multiple RTMP streams to the same channel and get multibitrate HLS output? Does Basic IVS channel support this case? Basically, we want to avoid transcoding by IVS and all the required variant feeds will fed by external encoder as different RTMP streams.

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The Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) will provide HLS streams for viewers to consume. If the IVS Basic service is used, only one HLS rendition will be created per RTMP input and there will be no ability for players to move up and down between renditions to adapt to changing connection bandwidths. The IVS Standard service will create multiple HLS renditions from a single RTMP input.

Providing separate RTMP feeds, (from a single encoder for multiple renditions) will create separate IVS channel outputs. There will not be any linkage between channel outputs, using neither Basic nor Standard service. HLS works on multiple renditions created synchronously from the same input. You may want to visit these IVS resource sites for more details

Typical Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) applications will use a single source, such as RTMP, into an encoding process that creates multiple output renditions. This is what IVS provides, as an end-to-end, easily created service. Re-encoding the source through this process is of little concern, as long as the source bitrate and resolution are of reasonable levels (<8Mbps, <=1080p).

If re-encoding the source is of real concern, then perhaps the source encoder could send HLS renditions, (instead of RTMP) to an origin such AWS MediaStore or AWS MediaPackage. These would then need to source a CDN, such as Amazon CloudFront, for accessing the HLS streams. These workflows would need to be created individually and would not be as automated as an IVS channel.

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