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Copying files from AWS Appruner to S3


I am planning to use AWS Apprunner to run my load test using JMeter.

The Apprunner service is configured to use my github repo which contains only 2 files(Jmx file and shell script which to downloads jmeter and run the load test)— till this part is working fine. However I am looking for option to copy the test result file into S3 bucket.

One option which I could think of is create rest call with API gateway for S3 put and use the curl command within the apprunner container after the test completion.

Also I have set one environment variable while creating Apprunner service - How can I access it in above shell. example: MYTESTNAME = CUSTOMER-VAL

I tried echo $MYTESTNAME - it prints as $MYTESTNAME

Appreciate if someone can help.

asked 2 months ago24 views
1 Answer
Accepted Answer

I was able to figure out the way to run the test and copy the test results to S3 bucket by:

  1. Creating role for apprunner with S3 trust relationship
  2. Installed AWSCLI
  3. After the test execution, I run the aws s3 cp command
answered a month ago

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