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Baseline bandwidth for single-flow traffic is limited to 5 Gbps when instances are not in the same cluster placement group.

Does it mean that, we can not send single flow of 10 Gbps from Amazon EC2 instance m5.16xlarge instance that has 64 vCPUs and 20 Gbps network bandwidth to on-prem server through 10 Gbps of AWS direct connect link ?

What is the single flow supported on 10 Gbps direct connect ?


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Yes, that's what it means. A single flow from an EC2 instance to a Direct Connect can't exceed a sustained level ("baseline bandwidth") of 5 Gbit/s. Bursting above that for a short time when accrued credits are available may or may not be possible, but it doesn't appear to be stated explicitly in public documentation.

Single flow means a network traffic flow identified by the five-tuple consisting of the source IP address, destination IP, protocol number (such as TCP or UDP), source port number (for TCP/UDP), and destination port number. You can send more than 5 Gbit/s from a single EC2 instance of sufficient size through your Direct Connect by using multiple TCP connections in parallel.

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