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Workdocs has no storage at all, how do I fix that?


I think I'm a bit confused as to how to get workdocs working to begin with... I have some existing workspaces (running windows 10) which work fine. I use an amazon simple AD at the moment. I activated workdocs and installed the workdocs drive clients on my local machine (an os x machine) and in one of the workspaces (windows 10).

I seem to be able to create a folder in the workdocs drive, but if I try to add a file to the folder I always receive an error message that there is no space available. For example attempting to save a notepad text document in windows 10 results in a message of "There is not enough space on the disk."

On os x the drive client shows "Storage Limit Exceeded".

Do I need to adjust the storage limit as an admin? How do I do that if so? There are no files at all right now so no space is being taken.

asked 3 years ago66 views
2 Answers

I think I figured it out. I could not find an admin panel for limits at all. Eventually I found that if I went to the user intended workdocs page (rather than aws console) I found links leading here : https://<workspace-name>

And at the very bottom of that user space admin page there is a place to edit storage limits per-user.

answered 3 years ago

Ah so it was already resolved so deleting my message. :-)

answered 3 years ago

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