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Hi, I use Elastic Beanstalk to deploy my node app, and I also use Codepipeline with github. Recently my website working super slow and Elastic Beanstalk Enhanced health overview is in Severe status. The causes are; ELB processes are not healthy on all instances. ELB health is failing or not available for all instances. Process default has been unhealthy for xx minutes (Target.Timeout).

I googled this issue but I cant find any suitable solution. I changed the instance type, but still same problem. Also I delete everything and create again, but nothing changed. Please help me


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Have you checked the health check requests from your load balancer to your EC2 instances are not timing out or failing intermittently? For example, can you connect to your instance and check to see if you getting a non-200 response for your configured health check?

Other things to diagnose the target timeout...

  • Is the instance failing to respond within the configured response timeout period?
  • Is your instance under significant load and taking longer than your configured response timeout period to respond?
  • Try using a simpler health check to see if that works.
answered 10 months ago

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