Duration of outage for changing RDS storage type from io1 to gp2


Hi people,

I would like to know how much time it would take to change the RDS storage type from io1(Provisioned IOPS) to GP2(General purpose SSD). Storage volume is 1TB.

Another question is: According to this documentation: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/Overview.DBInstance.Modifying.html there will be brief outage for carrying out this change. I'm assuming it's going to be few minutes(~10 min). Just want someone to confirm before I proceed.


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See Phil@AWS' reply at https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=900730&#900730TT

So a big part of answering your question would be if it is a legacy volume or not. For legacy volumes the data is copied by software running in your instance in the background while you continue to use the instance. So this operation is highly variable as it competes with whatever application I/O is going on, limits on your io1 (provisioned) or gp2 (baseline) IOPS and throughput, instance type characteristics, etc. Modern volumes use the EBS Elastic Volume capabilities to make the change, so from an instance-level perspective the switch occurs in a few minutes independent of volume size. The new volume in the new storage type will be in the modern geometry.

When a brief pause is mentioned I believe it means seconds not minutes. The pause is only required in certain circumstances.

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Thanks HalTemp.

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