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Instance i-030d334a44bbd4b8e stuck at stopping


I resized my instance based on recomendations of the AWS Computer Optimizer. Started the instance only to have the CPU maxed out and unable to do anything after logging in. I tried to stop the instance so I could change the instance type again but now it is stuck at stopping. This is our PDC so we are pretty much screwed right now until it comes back up. And hopefully without damaging Active Directory!

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Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out to AWS re:Post.

Usually, the Instances sometimes might are "stuck" in the stopping state when there is a problem with the underlying hardware hosting the instance. To verify, I would request you to kindly log a case with the AWS Support Team so that you can get a deep dive done on the instance.

Thank you and I hope this helps - I acknowledge that I didn't do much but I didn't want to guess on this critical resource of your prod project

answered 20 days ago

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