Redshift serverless: error while trying to create an external table


The error:

> SQL Error [500310] [XX000]: [Amazon](500310) Invalid operation: Unknown std exception when calling external catalog API: 
  error:  The requested role arn:aws:iam::*******:role/service-role/AWSGlueServiceRole-analytics is not associated to cluster
  code:      30000
  query:     0
  location:  xen_aws_credentials_mgr.cpp:403
  process:   padbmaster [pid=16004]

I was able to create a schema prior to creating external table, with no errors:

create external schema rsqa
from data catalog
database 'actions'
region 'us-west-2' 
iam_role 'arn:aws:iam::**********:role/service-role/AWSGlueServiceRole-analytics';

But after that, this is the sql that produces the error above:

create external table dev.rsqa.user_actions(
  event_id varchar(256),
  api_key varchar(32),
  event_type varchar(32),
  action_id INT8,
  action_name varchar(128),
  action_data_id INT8,
  action_time INT4,
  create_time INT4,
  metadata varchar(256),
  user_id INT8,
  username varchar(256),
  user_first_name varchar(128),
  user_last_name varchar(128),
  value FLOAT4,
  passive BOOL
	ics varchar(32),
	site_id varchar(32),
	year varchar(32),
	month varchar(32),
	week varchar(32),
	dt varchar(32)
stored as parquet 
location 's3://my-datalake-qa/actions/user_actions/';

does redshift serverless support external tables?

or could this be due to another setting I am missing?

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I tried this external table setup in a regular redshift cluster (not a serverless one), and it works, after I do associate the role used to the cluster. For redshift serverless though, I do not see any clusters to attach the role to.

So even if the error says: "The requested role ... is not associated to cluster", there is no "cluster" to associate the role to, when running a serverless instance.

To corroborate that, I run:

aws redshift describe-clusters

And I got an empty response:

{ "Clusters": [] }

So I guess the questions is: is it possible (given the error), to associate a role to a clusterless redshift, as in when it runs serverless?


Has anybody been able to create an external table in a redshift serverless instance? is that not supported?

answered 2 years ago

Hi Ramiro,

Have you already added the IAM role to the Redshift Serverless namespace? If not, add it and then try to re-execute your command.

Go to the Redshift Serverless console => Namespace configuration => Click on the appropriate namespace => Security and Encryption tab => Manage IAM Roles => Associate the IAM Role => Save changes.


answered 2 years ago

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