Is there a way to alias the managed grafana endpoint in Route53?


I am able to create a CNAME in Route53 but it's not working as expected.

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You haven't said what you expect to happen and what is "not working as expected".

However, a big guess:

If you have a DNS entry for an endpoint that uses TLS (HTTPS is a good example of this) which is (say) and you use that name on the client; the client expects the server to answer with a certificate that matches the name

If you create a CNAME for that DNS entry (say) the client will connect to (because that's where the CNAME points to) and the server will present a certificate for but the client is expecting and the connection will fail unless the client is told to ignore the remote certificate (not generally a good idea for security).

As above: This is a complete guess based on not very much information.

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answered 2 years ago
  • I believe Brettski correctly hit on the existing pain point. As a user of AWS Managed Grafana, I would like to create a prettier URL in my Route53 hosted zone for my Grafana workspace. Searching through the docs and clicking around the console, it appears there is no way to associate an Amazon ACM certificate with the Grafana workspace. As a result, users are unable to create the CNAME record because the certificate in the Grafana workspace won't match the CNAME record in the Route53 hosted zone.

    I would like to see AWS add support for customer-managed ACM certificates associated with Grafana workspaces.

  • I second this request. These URL's are not very user friendly and we need ACM support please!

  • I think the way to do this would be to put a CloudFront distribution in front of Grafana. That way, you can create a "friendlier" DNS name and certificate to go with it.


Seems a bit extreme and and an unnecessary expense but I suppose that's an option. Can we ask if this is on the road map for AMG at all though?

answered 2 years ago
  • Please reach out to your local AWS Solutions Architect to discuss roadmap items and also to provide feedback to us on features that you require.

  • As far as pricing goes: The CloudFront Pricing Page mentions that you get 1 TB of traffic free every month so you should definitely check it out. It also brings other benefits like a Web Application Firewall which is a good tool for protecting your Internet-facing web assets.


The easiest way is:

Route53 host record --> S3 (static website) --> Amazon Managed Graphana (AMG) dashboard URL

  1. Create the AMG workspace and copy the URL. i.e.
  2. Create S3 static website and configure a redirect (https) to the AMG URL.
  3. Create a CNAME record in Route53 with value set to URL of S3 static website.

All done.

answered 2 years ago
  • Hi carcel can you provide the detailed steps ? I tried following this but it didn't worked.

  • If you create a CNAME after the redirect, the CNAME never gets hit. Your 30x redirect in step 2 just gets you to the grafana URL. Step 3 doesn't do anything.

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