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to allow sending SMS to Singapore it is needed to request this via the form below. What, if we don't have a local representative in Singapore but have users that need to get the one-time-code (OTC) for MFA?

 *'If you are the exact entity who is registering through SGNIC we require the following form: Amazon Singapore Sender ID LOI - TEMPLATE.docx'*

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Accepted Answer

If you don't have a local representative in Singapore but have users in Singapore who need to receive one-time codes (OTCs) for multi-factor authentication (MFA), you may need to find a local representative or third-party service provider to help you with the process of requesting permission to send SMS messages to Singapore.

The form that you mentioned, "Amazon Singapore Sender ID LOI - TEMPLATE.docx," is likely a template for a letter of intent (LOI) to request permission to send SMS messages to Singapore using Amazon's Simple Notification Service (SNS). In order to complete this form and submit it to SGNIC (the Singapore Network Information Centre), you will need to have a local representative in Singapore or work with a third-party service provider who can act as your representative.

Alternatively, you may be able to use a different method for delivering OTCs to your users in Singapore, such as email or an authentication app. Depending on your specific requirements and the needs of your users, there may be other options available to you

answered a year ago

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