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RDS - SQL Server Express - Connectivity


Sorry, I've been working at this for the past 4 hours...

Created an RDS SQL Server Express DB via "Easy Create" options.

I modified config after to allow public access.

I'm not able to connect via Visual Studio Code "mssql for Visual Studio Code" extension.

"mssql: Error: Unable to connect using the connection information provided."

I'm also not able to ping, telnet et cetera the endpoint plus 1433 port. That bit doesn't completely surprise me - I've seen posts stating Amazon blocks that type of traffic.

Database is associated with default VPC which is wide open - no defaults changed.

Under "Security Groups" for database I see "Security group rules (2)" which leads me to believe there are 2 groups associated but the list below is completely blank and I cannot edit - add, delete, modify. My thought it those groups are hidden since it's managed.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Accepted Answer

there could be multiple reasons for which you are not able to connect to the db instance. If you are connecting from visualstudio running outside of aws (could be your laptop) you need to make sure that the instance is public

you can refer to which explains about how to connect using ssms and you can ignore the quicksight connectivity.

answered a month ago
  • Thanks so much for your help and pointing out that page. My issue was in the inbound messages per step J - adding an inbound rule for traffic from my machine. I mistakenly thought the existing rule allowed all traffic regardless of source - it was only from an existing Security Group.

    Thank you again!

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