Cloudwatch Log Insights doesn't find logs from the first Lambda Invocation



We are using CloudWatch Log Insights. Currently we considered an issue, that CloudWatch log insights never found the logs from the first lambda invocation.

I was able to reproduce it in several lambda functions and on two different AWS accounts. Can someone try to reproduce the issue?

Just create a lambda function from scratch. (NodeJS). The lambda function handler only needs one logging statement "console.log(event)".

The Log Insights Query can be the default one: fields @timestamp, @message | sort @timestamp desc | limit 20

The first invocation will not be found. (of course i checked the time period which was selected in CloudWatch log insights). if I trigger the lambda function again, the logs from the second invocation will be found.

Can someone check if you can reproduce this issue?

Kind Regards Stefan

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2 Answers

Yes I could reproduce it too

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answered 2 years ago

This is the case on my side also , any resolution ?

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answered 9 days ago

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