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Right now there is a hard limit on the API Gateway for a request payload size under 10MB:

I have 2 questions on this limit:

  1. Why 10MB? And why can't we configure that limit? A lot of api service provide to upload binary file that size are often over 10MB.
  2. Does api gateway increase or configure by myself this hard limit in the future?


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  1. Why 10MB?

This was determined after reviewing with customers at the time of launch and after load testing the service at various values.

And why can't we configure that limit?

We may add this as a future enhancement to the service, but likely only for customers who may want to limit the payload further.

A lot of api service provide to upload binary file that size are often over 10MB.

Scaling a service to support arbitrary file uploads was not our core mission. AWS already offers another service that does this quite well, Amazon S3. We recommend that customers that have needs for large file transfers consider using S3 as the upload target and use API Gateway/Lambda to trigger processing of the data.


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  • Bob, since this was written 6 years ago perhaps it’s time for AWS to revisit this limit? Google is 32MB and Azure is 1GB. Callback providers don’t care what service the callback urls are using and they certainly aren’t going to build custom storage solutions for each one. Garmin is a good example, the activity callbacks are almost always over 6MB for bike rides (the lambda payload limit)


How will the aws api gateway behave when a compressed payload of size less than 10mb limit passed to api gateway? Will it accept it? Suppose the uncompressed version of the payload is more than 10mb but the compressed version is less than 10mb, then when aws api gateway auto decompress it, will it reject the request stating "Error "413 Request entity too large".

Please help me in understaning this.

answered 3 years ago

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