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I am having a problem moving or copying a file. I can create a directory in a bucket, and upload files to it, but I can't move a file from one directory to another without getting a "Failed to move" or "Access Denied" error. I have tried the copy and move instructions but with no success. Do I need some permission turned on for my account? Also, I have yet not been able to create a Jupyter Notebook, but one item at a time.

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I understand that you are receiving Access denied or Failed to move error while moving objects from one directory to another for your bucket. However for your bucket, you can create directories and upload objects to them.

I would like to share that on general basis, 403 Access denied errors are received due to various reasons listed in below official AWS documentation :

[+]Troubleshoot 403 Access Denied errors from Amazon S3 - [2]Troubleshoot-copy-between-buckets -

I would request you to please cross-verify permissions for all the listed reasons from above article.

Also, please ensure that IAM role/user that you are using to copy or move objects has s3:DeleteObject and s3:CopyObject permissions.

Also,here are some document references for detailed steps on how to create Jupyter Notebook using AWS :

[+] Using sagemaker - [+] Using EMR -

Additionally, if the issue still persists, I request you to open a support case for further troubleshooting.

answered 2 months ago

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