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/Fargate Service Reboots every six hours/

Fargate Service Reboots every six hours


It is annoying to see #Fargate tasks rebooting every six hours and there is no documentation. (I have seen this in the past). Web search finds one relevant personal blog post: and the reference to the AWS article ( is broken.

Screenshot of Fargate Event Log showing reboots every six hours

[See the screenshot here: because AWS doesn't render it for god knows why!]

Neither Google Cache nor has it!

Any idea why Fargate tasks reboots every 6 hours? What is Task Recycle?

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Accepted Answer

First of all, it has to be noted containers should be designed to be eviction ready.

That said, what you described is not a task reboot. The blog post you referenced has the wrong or misleading information, unfortunately.

The Fargate scheduler report status periodically and the message indicate a healthy state of the tasks specified in your task definitions, for example in ECS.

Lastly, there are situations where task container(s) might be restarted or stopped, for example due to task maintenance.

If you want you can elaborate more about your specific situations where you saw your tasks being restarted.

answered 4 months ago
  • Thanks for the official answer. Yeah, containerized tasks must be resilient and stateless. I think it's the phrasing that got me thinking. "Service X has reached a steady state" indicates an event -- from an non-steady state to steady state, that just happened. It should rather be "Service X health check: HEALTHY" or on the similar lines.

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