Can't access IIS Web Server outside EC2 Windows Instance


Hi AWS, I am able to host a .NET application on IIS webserver using localhost but when I am trying to access that application outside the instance it is giving me refused to connect error. I have updated the security group inbound rules with HTTP and HTTPS for port 80 and 443 for both ipv4 and ipv6. Also I have checked the route table of the subnet attached to the instance has IGW in the rules but still I am not able to access it.

Any reason why it is occuring. Please suggest. I have restarted the instance and clean the DNS cache as well but same issue persists.

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Have you checked the IP Domain and restrictions in IIS. Ensure the correct CIDR ranges are listed.

Are you connecting to the Public IP or Private IP?

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answered a month ago
  • I am connecting to the public IP of the instance. No I haven't checked the IP domain and restrictions in IIS as I am not aware of that. Can you please help me with that?

  • So, there is a bit of progress after I install the IP Domain and Restrictions in IIS as I can hit the public IP of the instance using http protocol but while I am trying to connect with https it is still giving me refused to connect error @Gary Mclean

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