Cannot send mails to my second AWS workmail mailbox



I successfully configured my DNS settings to use it for AWS workmail. My main email address that I configured first is working perfectly! But I also added a second user with his own email address. This user can perfectly login to the AWS workmail web-app and can send emails from there, but when I try to send email to the address, I immediately get the following error before my mail program can even send the mail: "Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table."

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I'm sorry - I just figured it out. It wasn't even a problem with AWS at all. I host both domains on Plesk on the same server. I did not deactivate the email service for the domain I now use in AWS WorkMail, so my server thought, it has to deliver the mail locally but there wasn't the email address because it is on AWS. So disabling email service for the domain was the solution

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