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Can someone recommend articles that explain the syntax of a custom policy so that I can write good custom policy without doing guess work.

For example when do we need to include condition, why is resource normally assigned with *, can we use ARN instead of resource in the policy.

Unfortunately, the article Policies and Permissions does not explain the syntax. Thanks

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This should help understand the syntax. There are also many policy examples and Policy Generator for you to use as a handy tool to write policies.

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  • IAM JSON policy elements: saves my life


Hi, hannah

This contains explainations on policy type with writing structure, including code examples It includes Conditions examples with filtering on that as well.

If this helps solve your problem, please choose this as the Accepted Answer so others on re:Post may benefit - Thank you!

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answered 21 days ago
  • The tutorial for creating IAM policy is easy to follow. Thanks!

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