Unable to mount on file system after resizing for volume expansion


Objective to be solved: To finish volume expansion process, solution to mount process in the file system.

<Instance Specifications>

Instance type: t2 xlarge

change volume: 120GB⇒260GB

OS: ubuntu 20.04

memory: 16GB

Core: 4Core

Volume expansion has been performed several times with success. This time as well, after SSH connection to enter the OS, I did the commands below to extend the OS.

sudo growpart /dev/svda 1


NOCHANGE : partition 1 is size 545257439. it cannot be grown

There was a return like the one above. Confirmed that the volume size change has been done at the instance. Do you mean a size that is not scalable with the current instance type T2 .xlarge size? I would like to amount the volume expansion and exit, please help me with the solution.

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