I would like to transfer my site to lightsail, it is really old


I would like to transfer my website to AWS Lightsail but it based on old technology i.e. prestashop and PHP 7.2. I don't wanna change coding to comply with latest PHP or Prestashop versions. Let me know if I can transfer my website based on above technology without having any backword compatibility issues.

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Certainly! AWS Lightsail is a great choice for hosting websites and can support older versions of software. You only need the correct setup instance configuration with old PHP version.

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Hi Imran, If you want to have control from the language, software up to the OS version, I would recommend to run your Prestashop on EC2. Managed services on AWS comes with planned end of support for the technologies being managed, that means that you need to make sure to apply all the updates and patches before deadlines previously communicated.

I have little expertise on Prestashop, but there might be a way to export the data to then be imported in a fresh installation running a newer version. In Amazon Lightsail you will be able to launch a fresh Prestashop installation with the latest version. Having said that, you can probably import the data from your old one.

In summary, you have 2 options.

  1. Run your Prestashop as it is in EC2 and update it when you are ready to do it
  2. Run your Prestashop in Amazon Lightsail finding the way to export/import the data from your old installation into a new one.

I hope this information is helpful

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answered 8 months ago

If you have root access to your web server, one option is to use AWS Application Migration Service to rehost the entire server on an EC2 instance. There is a lift-and-shift operation with little to no changes.

Do verify that the Operating System is supported. To migrate, install the AWS MGN Replication Agent on your source server to start replicating to AWS.

See blog How to Use the New AWS Application Migration Service for Lift-and-Shift Migrations for overview.

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