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/LoRa LNS handling of cmd.fifo messages/

LoRa LNS handling of cmd.fifo messages


Basicstation has an interesting feature where messages can be piped into a cmd.fifo file which are then forwarded to the LNS (in this case AWS). I did some experiments with placing the cmd.fifo file and sending it a some sample messages like echo '{"msgtype":"event", "type": "status", "battery": 52, "solar": 123, "temp": 4, "last_full": 4201}' > cmd.fifo

These show up in Basicstation's logs which means I assume they were forwarded to the LNS, but according to these threads, it is the responsibility of the LNS to route these messages.

I'd like to be able to send some basic gateway metrics using this method, but it's not clear how they are handled/routed once arrived at AWS.
Is this supported by AWS IoT Wireless?

asked 14 days ago15 views
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Accepted Answer

Hi. AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN does not yet implement this feature. There's currently no way to catch these events on the cloud side.

answered 14 days ago
  • Thanks for the response. Perhaps it could be added as a feature request.

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