Aws Lmabda snapstart option not available in ap-south-1(Mumbai) region


Hi, Recently i have started using snapstart for java lambda functions, its really great.

Today when deploying my functions to Mumbai region, i noticed there is no option for snapstart in mumbai region, i deployed the same code to us-west-2(oregon) and I can see snapstart option in oregon and i can enable it too.

I am checking documentation, searching if snapstart is not available in some location/data center but could not find any information related to it.

At this stage i am stuck and cant deploy my app to mumbai region which is my prod env as well.

So my question is

  1. Is snapstart supposed to be available in mumbai region if yes then do i need to do anything so that i can see the option of snapstart?
  2. Is snapstart NOT supposed to be available in mumbai region if yes then when is it going to be available.?


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Hi, on release last November (see it included these regions: US East (Ohio, N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo), and Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland, Stockholm). I don't think there's been any additional regions announced since. AWS never provide a timeframe for future releases but often the progressive rollout across regions follows a similar pattern so you could guess a likely release timeframe based on what you've seen before.

answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks Skinsman for the clarification, i totally missed it. I hope they will bring it in the mumbai(and other) region(s) soon.

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