Error when testing Lambda: "Lambda was not able to unzip the file"


After uploading a .zip containing code for my Lambda, I tried to test it using Lambda's built-in testing functionality. However, I get the following error:

Calling the invoke API action failed with this message: Lambda was not able to unzip the file

I can unzip the file locally with unzip, and running unzip -l shows that it contains the a handler.js as expected. I can even view the source code for the Lambda in the AWS console on the Lambda's Code tab.

It seems as though the Lambda runtime might be using a different (and broken?) way of decompressing ZIP archives?

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2 Answers

How large is your ZIP file? If it is more than 50 MB (compressed) or 250 MB (uncompressed) it exceeds the service limits. If you are exceeding that size, consider using a container image.

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answered 15 days ago

That can be cause of size , as i just one time saw this error 5 years ago when packaging a large bundle which was self contained and larger that 250 MB unzipped , but i compressed that as 45M but i got this error

Check if you are not zipping the node_modules , or other heacy bundles

also verify if it s a real zip file

answered 14 days ago

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