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I have MySQL DB hosted in AWS RDS in eu-notrh-1(Stockholm) region. i am trying to immigrate my RDS DB to a different region. so i created a snapshot in my current region(Stockholm), then i choose "copy snapshot" in the pop-up window under "Destination Region" i cant find the region i need(Israel(Tel Aviv) il-central-1). i made sure this region marked as available. yet i still cant see it in the list. and from what i checked this region support RDS.

why i cant see that region i need in he list ?

Thank you :)

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I assume the AWS region (Israel(Tel Aviv) il-central-1) is grade out . you might to enable the region under AWS account settings. Please find the below link to enable the AWS region.


answered 8 months ago
  • Hi there Thanks for your comment.

    I already enabled that region, under Account --> AWS Regions, its marked as Enabled. i can also select it from the Top right global button. the problem that this region is not showing up in the "Destination Region" list when i want to copy the snapshot i created.

    Thank you

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