change EC2 parameters (cores, RAM) after I have installed a GUI and some softwares


Hello, My needs for virtual machines (EC2 with linux in Stockholm) are changing for two parameters: number of cores and memory (RAM).

Is it possible to get access to a machine and change these parameters after I have installed a GUI and some softwares? By that i mean that I want to keep the installation and setup of the latter unchanged. Importantly I would have installed the softwares using my own licenses.

Many thanks in advance. Antoine

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You can definitely increase/decrease CPU and RAM for your EC2 instance. This can be achieved by change the instance type and switching to the bigger or smaller type depending on the requirement in the same instance family.

If your instance is EBS backed i.e it uses EBS volume for the root disk then follow instructions at:

To change the instance type of instance store instance:

If you want to change to the in-compatible instance type then please check:

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On EC2, you can't technically change the resources allocated to an instance, but you can easily stop it, change the instance type and start again.

Details here and the end result is the same than increasing resources, except this can't be done live.

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