What exactly happens when an S3 Continuous backup Recovery point expires?


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Lets say I set up a Continuous backups of my S3 bucket to be done on a Daily basis with a retention of 10 days.

As far as I know, for all the period of retention only ONE Recovery Point is created by AWS Backup Jobs and that ONE indeed does allow me to restore from almost whenever it is created to almost any actual moment until the retention periond ends.

QUESTION: What EXACTLY happens when that ONE Recovery Point is EXPIRED after it's retention period ends at day 11?

Will I loose ability to recover to any point in time within ALL 10 subsequent days covered by that Recovery Point (which, basically means the continuous backups are not that continuous)?

Or will the recovery point stay and never expire, but only the time from which I can restore changes to a later point?

AWS documentation (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/aws-backup/latest/devguide/point-in-time-recovery.html) recommends the following: "Because continuous and snapshot backups offer different advantages, we recommend that you protect your resources with both continuous and snapshot backup rules."

Does this mean it is NOT enough to have Continuous backups ONLY if I don't need to have a retention more than max 35 days covered by Continuous backups?

Thank you!

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First thing first, If you do not need the retention period more than 35 days, Continuous backups works perfectly fine.

This document "https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/ebs-deleting-snapshot.html#ebs-deleting-snapshot-incremental" explains the how deleting a snapshot or recovery point works with illustrations. The same methodology works for S3 when it comes to recovery point expiry.

To answer your question in one simple sentence, what ever data stored in Snapshot on day 1 that were referenced by later time have now been moved to subsequent snapshots.

After Day 1 recovery point expired you will not loose ability to recover to any point in time within ALL 10 subsequent days whatever data is required to create a full S3 recovery will be moved to day2 snapshot.

When you see Backup console after Day1 recovery point expired you will see new restore time as day2.

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answered 9 months ago

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