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/AMAZON.LastName not able to recognise last name given in Prompt in AWS LEX V2/

AMAZON.LastName not able to recognise last name given in Prompt in AWS LEX V2


I am using Prompt with built in slot type AMAZON.LastName to get last name , but given last names is not recognised by in AWS Lex v2, and it keep asking to enter it.How to handle this?

E.g.: "Khamooshi"

Apart from this, I am unable to find a type like AMAZON.STRING that takes any string without any validation.

asked 15 days ago14 views
1 Answers

If you already have a list of last names that you expect, you can create a custom slot type then use "Expand values (default)" in the custom slot to add all of the last names you expect. This will be used as a training data for the custom slot type.

As for the built-in slot type, there is no AMAZON.STRING slot type but you can use AMAZON.AlphaNumeric and specify regular expression to limit the field to only strings

answered 15 days ago

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