Multiple applications on same environment of Elastic Beanstalk


Hi I am trying to deploy two web apps on elastic beanstalk. Both are implemented with Python, one for data collection and one for data preview. Here are my two solutions:

  1. Two apps on same environment, therefore they shared the local data;
  2. Two environment connected to same database. However, it seems like each environment could only serve one single Web App? Just wonder if anyone got the same problem and any suggestions, many thanks in advance!
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The second solution looks like more plausible. You can opt to use a database environment outside your Beanstalk, in fact that is the more recommended approach (

If both data collection and data preview app are meant to be separate apps, you actually can deploy them as 2 "application" in Beanstalk, each connected to the same database instance. These 2 application can have separate environments if you need dev/staging/prod version. And each environment you can design your web app to be scalable using load-balancers.

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answered 3 months ago

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