Using Plesk on Lightsail - 'Cannot resolve domain' issue. Did I set it up wrong ?


Hi all, beginner here,

Background I have used AWS Lightsail to create a "Plesk_Hosting_Stack_on_Ubuntu-1".

So far so good. However when trying to use(learn) plesk and create my first domain. Im hitting issues, and observing the following;

  • Domain is not resolvable
  • shows only 4 locations resolving the nameserver.
  • If i go to the "Websites & Domains" section in my Plesk Domain, I notice that the IPv4 address is and its a drop down (so cannot change). I did think should it not be the static IP 54.151.xx.73 from AWS?

So how did I end up here? I following the instructions ( i think)

I have the domain name for 1st domain registered at namecheap - so I following the instructions and;

 1. Registered as Namservers; 2. Changed 'PERSONAL DNS SERVER" (glue records?) to 1. - 2. -

However i now have arrived at the problems as mentioned above, it is not resolving.

Would appreciate any advice in order to continue my journey to self hosting success!

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1 Answer

I executed the following command, but a timeout error occurs.
There may be a problem with the NS record setting done in Namecheap.


The following document described it this way.
The instance must be restarted.

If you want to use Plesk on Amazon Lightsail for web hosting, you should attach a static IP address to your instance. If you attach a static IP, you will need to reboot your instance in Lightsail before you can log into it for the first time.

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answered 7 months ago

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