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About Unlimited testing plan(Device farm) - STARTS AT $250.00 / MONTH


Hi all, I have planned to run 5000 devices (android/iOs) automate testing at a time. So could I purchase 1 slot of this Unlimited testing plan(Device farm) - STARTS AT $250.00 / MONTH. That means Device Farm will execute my tests on up to five thousand devices at a time. Is it right? Please give me an advice. Regards.

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The unlimited testing plan corresponds to concurrency. E.g. If you buy 1 slot it will run on 1 device at a time. You can choose more devices in a run but it will only go through the list 1 at a time as you have 1 slot. If you buy 10 slots, you can run on 10 devices at time. So in your case if you want to run on 5000 devices in parallel using the slot model you would have to buy 5000 slots. I would encourage you to first deep dive or share your use case. Do you want to test scale of 5000 devices? If yes, are you testing your front end or backend. Without knowing much, my guess is you are trying to stress test the backend rather than test your app. I would be happy to suggest a path forward once you share your use case.

answered 5 months ago

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