Emails coming from verified email address going to SPAM


I've noticed that emails coming from a verified email address (whose DNS I don't have access to) are going to SPAM. For example, I validated my personal gmail/yahoo/hotmail email addresses but sent emails are going to SPAM. Is there something I can do to prevent it? Because as you may guess I don't have access to Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail's DNS so I cannot configure any SPF/DKIM policy.

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You must configure the DKIM and SPF records for the verification not only the DNS there are different isues causes the Email will come to spam email.

Please remember that you need to maintain the Email reputation for the Email adress, You can use this link to configure the Email bounce SNS notifications

You can check the AWS premium support resolution Email spam here

I am happy to help you, if you still have any questions

Thank you GK

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answered 2 years ago

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