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DynamoDB + Elasticsearch: is that a good architecture pattern?


While playing with AWS Amplify, I was looking for the most appropriate architecture pattern, which would allow me to have the following:

  1. scalable and reliable DB to handle CRUD operations (DynamoDB rocks here)
  2. complex querying and filtering, where data access patterns are not strictly defined or unknown (Elasticsearch wins here)

So obviously I am hooked by the idea of streaming DynamoDB data to Elasticsearch for ALL queries and keeping DynamoDB with read/write operations only.

What are the pros and cons of this architecture?

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asked 3 years ago96 views
1 Answer

Hey andrew-psch - This absolutely a good architecture pattern. AWS offers a diverse set of database services so you can pick the DB engine that best fits your use case. Here is a video of one of our SAs presenting on integrating DDB and Elasticsearch.

answered 3 years ago

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