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Is it allowed to send data, copied from s3 to lightsail, to internet?


'AWS Service Terms' document:
66.3. You may not use Amazon Lightsail in a manner intended to avoid incurring data fees from other Services (e.g., proxying network traffic from Services to the public Internet or other destinations or excessive data processing through load balancing Services as described in the Documentation), and if you do, we may throttle or suspend your data services or suspend your account.

So if I copy files from s3 to lightsail disk and then send it to internet from lightsail, is it allowed?

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3 Answers

If someone interesting, I get an answer from amazon:
Q: is it allowed?
A: This is allowed.

answered 3 years ago

Hi paltus,

Why would you need to copy files from S3 to a Lightsail instance in this case and not serve your data directly from S3?


answered 3 years ago

S3 to INTERNET costs $0.09/Gb;
S3 to lightsail free (probably; however uses lightsail free transfer quota) ; lightsail to INTERNET 1Tb free (for cheapest plan). So if you need to restore handreds Gbs or Tb of data from s3 (backup for example), it can help save significal money.

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answered 3 years ago

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