Domain shown expired after transfer to Route53 on same day of registration


Two days ago I requested a domain registration through Route53, but the request was stuck pending because somehow the verification email did not arrive in my mailbox (no its not i spam, I think it had troubles with +something in de address). There is no way to ask for resending the mail or cancel the request, I would have to wait for 3 to 15 days for the request to expire. That's annoyance number one.

So yesterday I impatiently stepped to another registrar and registered the domain over there. After the domain becoming available, on the same day I transferred it to Route53, That succeeded, but now the domain is shown as expired yesterday??! This is not true, is is expiring a year later. Due to this AWS bug I cannot renew or enable auto-renew. Annoyance number two.

Third annoyance is that while evidently I encounter a bug in AWS there is no way to open a support case for this without premium fee for technical support. Do I really have to pay AWS to tell them they have a bug and fix that for me?? Annoyance number three.

Hope someone can help me fixing this, thanks in advance.

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If the problem is during domain registration, you may be eligible for free support.

AWS provides a Basic support plan, free of charge, for all AWS customers. The plan includes assistance for the following issues related to domain registration:

  • Transferring domains to or from Amazon Route 53
  • Transferring domains between AWS accounts
  • Increasing quotas on Route 53 entities, such as the number of domains that you can register (See Quotas.)
  • Changing the owner of a domain
  • Changing contact information for the owner of a domain
  • Resending confirmation and authorization emails
  • Renewing domains
  • Restoring expired domains
  • Getting information about Route 53 billing
  • Providing proof of identity for .uk domains
  • Deleting domains or disabling automatic renewal after you close your AWS account

AWS Support may be able to help you if you explain in detail the current problem you are having with your domain registration.

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