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Read/Write data from existing dynamoDB table using AWS Amplify with IOS app


Hello, I am looking to write/read data from an existing DynanoDB table using AWS amplify with an IOS app. I have been able to initialize Amplify through the terminal and create tables in DynamoDB. I have also been able to import the existing table into my project, but unable to read or write anything to/from that table. My questions is how do I read and write to that existing table when it was not created through AWS Amplify using the datastore and API plugins.

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You can think of DynamoDB as a web service, as long as you have permissions to access it you will be able to do so over the internet. For that reason, I would first look at the IAM permissions needed to interact with DynamoDB.

For example, lets say you interact with DynamoDB via API Gateway -> AWS Lambda -> DynamoDB, in this case you would need to ensure the Lambda has permissions to read/write to DynamoDB.

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answered 11 days ago

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