AWS Amplify Studio - User Management is not showing users


The AWS Amplify Studio stopped displaying the users under the User Management section. I have users in the cognito pools and I was using the User Managament console to create new users, this was working correctly for a while, I recently used it again but the users aren't showing up anymore. The user management displays and endless spinner "loading" in the table.

I see an API call "getModels" failing in the browser's network tab, perhaps is the cause?

message: "ResourceNotFoundException - An error occurred while processing your request: API models not found."

I also see the there are subsequents calls to cognito after the getModels and the last one is x-amz-target: AWSCognitoIdentityProviderService.ListUsers which returns the list the of cognito users in the response tab of the browser however these aren't displayed.

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