Blob values must be a path to a file


I've seen several posts both in the forums and on hte Internet at large concerning this, but none of the answers seem to be working for me.

I am a aws cli simpleton... I am setting up a process to copy SQL backups into Glacier for long term archival. I have installed the CLI environment on my Windows 2016 server.

The command line seems simple enough:
aws glacier upload-archive --account-id - --vault-name my-sql-archive --body c:\temp\test1.rar

No matter how I structure the --body parameter I get this error:
Error parsing parameter '--body': Blob values must be a path to a file.

I have tried with and without 'file://' pre-pended to file name.
I have tried with and without quotes.
I have moved file to c:\program files\amazon\awscli\awscli and tried referenced it both with fully qualified path and relative path.

Pretty sure I have exhausted every way to make this work.. and read every article google pulled up on this error message. Most of which were never validated a valid answers... and none seemed to work for me.

So... what am I doing wrong here?

Thank you to who every can shed light on my situation.

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The response has been less than exilerating.

I have found a work-around. The Fast Glacier tool has a command line options that worked easily. I would have preferred to use the AWS CLI... but it didn't work and no support... so if someone else finds themselves in that boat... fast Glacier could be your answer as well.

answered 7 years ago

Hey there! I tried with this structure path (for Windows) and it works. Example > C:/Users/username/Downloads/file.html

**The entire cmd that I used was: **

aws s3api put-object --bucket mybucketExample --key file.html --body C:/Users/username/Downloads/file.html --content-type text/html


answered a year ago

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