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/Custom script cannot be saved in Glue/

Custom script cannot be saved in Glue


I am trying to combined 2 sources and added repartition(1) for a single output file in csv, the script worked until today and when I go back to check the script, it seems like Glue deleted repartition(1) part and connected automatically from Union. I added the repartition code back in and saved, but it still can't be save and resulting with 2 outputs instead of 1. Same thing happening when I try to create a new glue job.

asked 2 months ago31 views
1 Answers

I think it's a bug. I checked the script versions on S3 and it seems that the edited script is being saved, but then immediately overwritten by the original (generated) script. I'm uploading the script to S3 directly via aws cli as a workaround.

answered 2 months ago

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