Can't launch ec2 spot instance with hibernation for instance type c5.18xlar


I'm trying to launch a spot instance with the following settings:
AMI: ami-06f2f779464715dc5
Instance type: c5.18xlarge (72 vCPUs and 144 GiB of memory)
Storage: root EBS with 100 GiB and added an encryption key
Volume type: General Purpose SSD (gp2)

As far as I can tell the above settings meet all the requirements for hibernation interruption behavior as described in but still I see the message: "Selected instance type does not currently support 'hibernate' interruption behavior."

Changing the instance type to be c5.9xlarge (36 vCPUs and 72 GiB of memory) with the same settings does allow me to choose hibernate as interruption behavior.
Any idea what is missing?


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2 Answers

I missed the conversion between GiB to GB.
The memory limit in the description is listed in GB but the instance details are in GiB.

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The prerequisites for hibernating a Spot Instance are slightly different to the prerequisites for hibernating an On-Demand Instance.

For the instance RAM size:

  • Spot Instances – must be less than 100 GB
  • On-Demand Instances – must be less than 150 GB

There are different pages in the EC2 User Guide that describe the hibernation prerequisites for Spot Instances and On-Demand Instances.

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answered 3 years ago

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